Twin Black Rescue Kittens Saved - Black Cats Matter
  • 19.01.2021
  • 22564

I wish I knew how to get a singleton all black kitten to feed and live on

Newborn Black Baby Kitten Meet With Grass For The First Time
  • 19.01.2021
  • 7356

The smallest kitten hanging out in the grass. Other baby kittens meowing for mom cat in the background as well. This is the "runt" of the bunch!

Rescuing Newborn Kittens
  • 19.01.2021
  • 16833

Boomba, Bumble, and Bee. In this video you can see their rescue story, and learn how to care for abandoned newborn kittens in your own home

Rescue abandoned kittens in black plastic bag near the road and adopted them
  • 17.01.2021
  • 4217

In this video is Rescue abandoned kittens in black plastic bag near the road and adopted them.

Cat Gives Birth, Then Doctors Realize They’re Not Kittens
  • 17.01.2021
  • 12136

I want to thank the kind cat for looking after the hedgehogs

Stray Kitten Finds Family That Is Kind To Him, And Decides To Move Right In….
  • 17.01.2021
  • 2033

Every little furry cutie deserves a loving home.

Rescue Super Cute Black Kittens Who Are Love To Wrestling And Zooming Around
  • 17.01.2021
  • 3207

Thank you very much for helping and taking so good care of these adorable and lovely kittens

Rescue Poor Kitten was Abuse dyed purple served as a chew toy, covered twenty wounds
  • 17.01.2021
  • 3887

A two-pound kitten named “Smurf” was brought to the Nine Lives Foundation, a no-kill animal shelter in Redwood City. It’s black fur was dyed purple, and he was covered with at least twenty “gnawing wounds,” according to Dr. Monica Rudiger, founder and chief veterinarian at the foundation.

Cat Who Lost Her Kittens Cries When Embracing An Abandoned Kitten
  • 17.01.2021
  • 8165

A cat was found under the car, drenched in mysterious liquid, and kittens carcasses around her. What happened to this cat?

Stray Kitten Picks A Dog As Her Mom
  • 17.01.2021
  • 198065

The moment this dog saves her kitten from falling into the pool 😍

Stray Cat Brings All Her Kittens To A Woman Who Gave Her Food
  • 17.01.2021
  • 17158

Usagi the stray cat brought her 6 beautiful tiny floofs to meet Lisianne, the woman that feeds her

Aww, You're Not Bad Luck… Don't Listen To Them!"
  • 04.01.2021
  • 5619

Black Cats Are Good Luck.